Monday, December 13, 2010

Accept it already!

    I've been reading a book strictly about the history of gays in America. And damn! Reading it angers me makes me happy at the same time. Yeah oppsite feelings. But it angers me because people are so fucking ignorant. Ignorgant people are the type of people who bother me most. Homosexuality has been around since the genesis of people (hehe, genesis), and people still look down upon people who were BORN homosexual. We know our history through art, and historical art has shown images of same-sex relationships and orgies traced back to centuries. Nothing new to what we see or hear now.
   There has been much progress since the beginning of time, but not close enough to what I beilive it needs to be. People opposing gays talk about them being perverted, hitting on people all the time, constantly having sex with other people. Gay people are PEOPLE, gay, but people. They're not dogs in heat, despreately trying to hump the nearest hole, and they shouldn't be talked about as such. They're people who want have their life long partner, a fling, or who just aren't interested in a relationship at the moment, just as any other hetrosexual person. It's the same thing.
    Why can't people get that through their thick ass skulls? Before talking down homosexuals, or anyone orthing for that matter, get informed. Know the struggles people live with everyday. Walk in their shoes. Then maybe you'll realize that being thrown into a locker, beat up, spit on, and listening to the various bad names isn't right. Being abused for who you are is not correct. How would you like to be beat up for being born with 7 fingers, one blue eye and one brown eye, or having a mullet? Not fun. Not cool.
    It's seriously time to accept however one is born and move one with your life. No protests of AIDS, the bible, or any other thing. The bible says you slavery is ok. Is it? No. So the bible doesn't apply to the issue affecting gays.
    Open your mind. Accept. And Live.

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