Monday, February 7, 2011

Life's Little Pleasures.

An expensive pair of heels, a 1karet diamond rings or a brand spankin new car would make many people jump for joy, but the little things in life make me just as happy as well.
  • bubble baths
  • diy manicure without getting messed up
  • kisses
  • fresh haircut
  • strawberry milk
  • balloons
  • spooning
  • sleeping in
  • think, soft mexican blankets with an animal on it (mine's a panda)
  • winning mancala
  • winning a dollar on the scratchies, more would be nice though :) DUH
  • having my phone, water, and electricity on
  • a fully decoorated cupcakes YUMMM
Life's pleasures are everywhere. No need to hate life when little things as such surround you.

Love Life.

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