Monday, February 21, 2011

The ugliest of uglies.

Do not confuse cockiness with confidence. 2 totally different things.
     One may be beautiful; flawless complexion, fit tight body, healthy shiny hair, whatever, you get the point, but if you brag about how "perfect" you are, you're cocky and you're ugly. OOO-GLY!!!!
     Confidence is when you believe in yourself, believe you are presenting yourself in a nice manner, and gracefully accept a compliment. People who shut down a compliment, don't have confidence, don't believe that they look nice that day, have a nice smile, etc. A person who's cocky would say, "Girl don't you think I know I look good?! I have all these kids dropping their jaws. I'm the best piece of ass in the next three states" Lol. That's just sad.
     People who have heard that they're so sexy or #1 many times over, let it go to their heads, and eventually become self ego boosters and ego seekers, digging for compliments, basically begging for them. It's different than when a girl asks her man if she's looks nice after she spent some time lto look sexy for a night out. It's nice to get noticed when effort is put in, but to want a compliment every fucking day? Get serious, no one wants to be held responsible for inflating your head with a bunch of bullshit made up just to feed to your ego.
     The majority of the time people with an overflowing superficial confidence are good looking, but hearing a constant flow of "me this, me that. I'm so damn good" shows your true colors, and those colors are ugly and hideous. Do you still feel pretty? Cuz the mirror doesn't show you what's skin deep, not even 20x magnified mirror will show you the ugliness stowed away underneath. Youth doesn't last forever and then you won't self gloried fastest runner or the girl with bodicious boobs, cuz those precios babies will sag, still cocky?
     Lose the ugliness and be a real person.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't Wait Til It's Too Late...

Let me start off by saying,
Women never forget.

     With that said, this a relationship post, kinda.
     Ok, I had the worst Valentine's day ever, well in my history of Valentine's Day. And I will never forget it, NEVER! I sat in front of my tv, watching Pretty Little Liars, eating ice cream. Not what i had planned at all. "Everyday you could express your love" "Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday", blah, blah, blah! I have always and still believe Valentine's day is a special day that comes around around once a year to celebrate us, other than an anniversity. This year, US didn't get to that, I was ditched. I'm not mad anymore but I was, boy was I ever! That day will forever be carved into my memory.
     If you have ever had that thought of growing old with her, wrinkles and all, then she is special, and shall be treated as such. Any step out of line, she will know about it and the little secretary in her brain will write down as a reminder for any other time you step out of line again. I find it hard to forgive people, even the ones I love most, I hate to say it, but I honestly think it's my Taurus stubborn nature. Even so, one may forgive but not forget. Opening old wounds hurt, so it's best to leave them alone. We humans are complicated beings, but what's more complicated are the differences between men and women, I have yet to understand it. I don't know how it's natural for a woman to be so passionate and caring, especially when it comes to feelings and men are savages when it comes to tearing down feelings, as if feelings are *pfft, whatever.  
     I guess what I'm trying to say is that it would nice if men would be more considerate of things such as Valentine's Day, cuz some ladies, like me, hold them dearly to a part of a loving relationship. I could care less about balloons, flowers, and whatever else fills up grocery stores in the month of February, but a romantic or fun date set aside for the sake of love is all I ask for, on Febuary 14th.
     Best to treat your lady real good, because she won't let you forget.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Life's Little Pleasures.

An expensive pair of heels, a 1karet diamond rings or a brand spankin new car would make many people jump for joy, but the little things in life make me just as happy as well.
  • bubble baths
  • diy manicure without getting messed up
  • kisses
  • fresh haircut
  • strawberry milk
  • balloons
  • spooning
  • sleeping in
  • think, soft mexican blankets with an animal on it (mine's a panda)
  • winning mancala
  • winning a dollar on the scratchies, more would be nice though :) DUH
  • having my phone, water, and electricity on
  • a fully decoorated cupcakes YUMMM
Life's pleasures are everywhere. No need to hate life when little things as such surround you.

Love Life.