Monday, February 21, 2011

The ugliest of uglies.

Do not confuse cockiness with confidence. 2 totally different things.
     One may be beautiful; flawless complexion, fit tight body, healthy shiny hair, whatever, you get the point, but if you brag about how "perfect" you are, you're cocky and you're ugly. OOO-GLY!!!!
     Confidence is when you believe in yourself, believe you are presenting yourself in a nice manner, and gracefully accept a compliment. People who shut down a compliment, don't have confidence, don't believe that they look nice that day, have a nice smile, etc. A person who's cocky would say, "Girl don't you think I know I look good?! I have all these kids dropping their jaws. I'm the best piece of ass in the next three states" Lol. That's just sad.
     People who have heard that they're so sexy or #1 many times over, let it go to their heads, and eventually become self ego boosters and ego seekers, digging for compliments, basically begging for them. It's different than when a girl asks her man if she's looks nice after she spent some time lto look sexy for a night out. It's nice to get noticed when effort is put in, but to want a compliment every fucking day? Get serious, no one wants to be held responsible for inflating your head with a bunch of bullshit made up just to feed to your ego.
     The majority of the time people with an overflowing superficial confidence are good looking, but hearing a constant flow of "me this, me that. I'm so damn good" shows your true colors, and those colors are ugly and hideous. Do you still feel pretty? Cuz the mirror doesn't show you what's skin deep, not even 20x magnified mirror will show you the ugliness stowed away underneath. Youth doesn't last forever and then you won't self gloried fastest runner or the girl with bodicious boobs, cuz those precios babies will sag, still cocky?
     Lose the ugliness and be a real person.

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