Thursday, June 2, 2011

5 ways to win my heart

1. Be nice. Period.
That's most important, as long as your nice to me the first time we meet, I will fall for you. I don't mean be the perfect early1900's gentleman, but don't go critisizing everything, just be nice, plain and simple.

2. Drive.
Not car to drive, DRIVE. Ambition, dreams, etc. If all you do is Call of Duty, eat chips and scratch your balls, I'll pass. A person who does stuff, has a job, plays ball, works out, likes to leave the house, is ALLLL GOOD! We'e all grown up now, if you don't have aclue ofwhat you want out of life to making steps towards there, well... good riddance.

3. Body
That leads me here, body. I'm not picky, but I prefer muscles over bones. Obviously! Big muscles to be exact. Yes, Snookie and I both love juice head gorillas, so what? I like the bigness, a person that can literally sweep me off my feet and

4. Family
I love any one who is close their family, and I love anyone who loves my family. We all say "oh my so and so is crazy, yada yada, yada" That's how familes are. We get annoyed by the people we love because we're so close to them and it's human nature to get irritated of people at times. But family is family, no mean words or even the gods themselves could change that fact. So any guy that is family orinated, has me.

5. Dance.
A guy who loves to dance and is not gay, LOVE!!! I love my gay friends, but if my boyfriend loved to dance at any given moment, (angels sing AHHHHHHHH!!!!!) he'd so have my heart. All of it, and my kidneys, and liver, hahaha ok jk, but dancing wins my heart.

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