Monday, June 6, 2011

Real talk.


We all know a person that brags. "I was rocking it before everyone else, dumb bitches try to copy my swag, I was bumpin that song before everyone did" Stupid stuff you? Now that my hair is pink, I get interesting looks because it's funky, I know. But the worst looks I've gotten are from other girls with pink hair too. Seriously. I think to myself, "Cool! Another girl with pink hair!" Until she's all mean mugging, well FUCK YOU TOO. They think they're unique because pink is an uncommon hair color, but it's not one of a kind. C'mon now. I mean there's only so many hair colors to choose from, someone is bound to have the same color. Common Sense. And red hair, Rihanna wasn't the first to have it. Venus was, duh. Birth of Venus, Birth of red hair :) But I do believe there's been an explosion of red hair partly because of Rihanna, she is a trend setter and red hair is cool.
Anyhoo! Girls shouldn't get angry when there's another person with the same thing, unless you're stuff is customized, that pair of shoes, quote you got tatted, or hat are out there on someone else. Sorry to burst your bubble, so bascially
"Get over yourself. Good-bye"

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