Friday, June 3, 2011

discrimination againist gay people

I feel strongly about discrimination againist gay people. I've written about this topic before, and of course because of society's ignorance, things are still the same.
I hate to see how people speak down on gay people so bad as if they're disease infested parasites. There's laws againist gay marriage, gay couples adopting. Why put a restiction on love? Why deny orphaned kids a better life? That's PURE EVIL. I would even say it's the work of Satan.
One of my dreams is to have gay marriage legal everywhere, it shouldn't be this difficult for people to get married and spend their lives together as man and wife can. I shouldn't even be up for dicussion whether of it's right or wrong. Dumbasses can marry their toaster or $25 blow up doll, but Steve and Bob or Mary and Ashley can't? BULLSHIT.
Support gay marriage, they're marrying their life partner, not a straight person forced into a gay marriage. Imagine not being able to marrying or baby momma or daddy or high school sweetheart, whoever because some people think it's wrong. PSSSHHHH! They are worse things happening and people worry about deep throaters or carpet munchers rather than restrictions on firearms in public. Ha. Stupid.

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