Thursday, March 15, 2012

Living the Life...

Or so I thought I would at this age. My 21st birthday is coming up in about a month, 4 weeks and 6 days to be exact; but who's counting? When I was about 10 or so I had my future planned out, supposably. I was going to move to NYC, live in a chic apartment with my best friend and we would become celebrity hair stylists with our own salon. Everyone would want us to do their hair. Then I wanted to be a clothes designer in LA, I would sketch up dresses and draw the celebrites from my mom's magazines in their red carpet gowns. I once drew Pamala Anderson and she just has the hugest boobs, off the subject. Singer and professional violinist were also on the list. So, I'm going to be 21, I'm still living with my parents, not paying bills on top of bills and I still sleep with a teddy bear, it makes a good pillow, okay? Not living the life I had in my 10 year old brain, but that's "just ok", as my little brother would say. Life rarely goes as planned, you can only control so much. I'm going with the flow. I'm on my way to going back to school, after 3 years of graduating high school :/ but I'm on my way. Who was the smart guy who decided to make college so expensive anyways, JEEZ! I see myself moving out soon. The little girl in me would probably be shaking her head at me for not being famous with my craft in a big city, probably scold me, because that's just what I do.
I'm going to have my first legal drink, because it's basically a rite of passage, get a little drunk, then go on with life. I'm still going to be the same, not gonna grow an inch from getting a pinch, my birthday candle wish won't come true, but I'll still make a wish, because I'm optimistic, and we'll hold back on the b-day punches. 21 is pretty high up there. I'm proud of my myself for going through the process of becoming a grown up, maybe I won't ever be a grown up, at heart, but I'm doing it just like all the 20 going on 21 year olds.

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